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About WAX (WAXP)

WAX (WAXP) is a purpose-built blockchain developed to fast-track e-commerce transactions while ensuring the processes are easy and safe for all the parties involved. The consensus mechanism employed by WAX is a delegated Proof of Stake, DPoS for short. Not only does WAX want to improve the utility of blockchain technology for e-commerce uses, but the blockchain also wants to encourage voting on proposals within the same framework. To do so, features and mechanisms have been built on WAX to promote both voting and e-commerce utility. For instance, WAX offers a range of tools to allow the development of DApps, such as marketplaces, and NFTs on the blockchain. WAXP is the network’s token and can be used to buy digital assets, collectables and NFTs on WAX. Users holding WAXP can convert their tokens into WAXE, an ERC20 utility token, thanks to the WAXP-to-Ethereum bridge featured on the WAX blockchain.

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