Bitpanda Savings Plan

Set up your Savings Plan today

Build your portfolio of crypto, stocks*, ETFs*, metals, commodities* and all 7 Bitpanda Crypto Indices in a simple, automated way.
Just set and forget.

The benefits of a Savings Plan

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Benefit from the cost average effect

Buying on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis makes you less dependent on short term price fluctuations.

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Bitpanda Crypto Index

You can also set up a savings plan with any of the 8 Bitpanda Crypto Indices and diversify your portfolio across the whole crypto market.

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Easily buy all kind of assets over time

Once a savings plan has been created, it automatically buys crypto, stocks*, ETFs*, metals, commodities* and all 7 Bitpanda Crypto Indices at a set time.

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Simple payment options

You can set up a personal savings plan using Visa, Mastercard or SEPA Direct Debit.

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Easily set up multiple savings plans

You can set up as many savings plans as you want and for any digital asset supported on Bitpanda.

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Maximum flexibility

You can temporarily pause and later resume your savings plans anytime you want.

fee-free Savings Plan

Set up your fee-free Savings Plan

Create your fee-free Savings Plan for any of our 7 Crypto Indices including DeFi, Infrastructure and Media & Entertainment. No more buy fees, no more reminders, just simple, automated investments.

Set and forget

How to set up a savings plan

Setting up a savings plan is easy. You can even create more than one and change the details for each of them any time you want.

This information is a marketing communication and is provided for informational purposes only. It does not constitute advice, a recommendation or an invitation to enter into a transaction. Bitpanda Stocks* are not shares, but a contract that allows you to participate in the price movements of certain shares, including any dividend payments. The financial instrument "Bitpanda Stocks" is neither tradable on stock exchanges nor on other trading places, but can be resold to Bitpanda at any time under the conditions stated in the GTC and the contracts. Further details about this product, the issuer and the relevant risks are available in the prospectus in German (audited version) and English. Please note that this product is only subject to this prospectus in Austria. The investment in securities involves risks. A total loss is possible.