Hold BEST,
claim rewards

Claim more than 15% additional BEST every year.
The more you trade and the more BEST you hold, the more you are entitled to earn.

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token

Loyalty gets rewarded

BEST Rewards is part of our exclusive loyalty programme, designed to give you more. It's your access to the Bitpanda ecosystem and our way of offering exclusive perks and benefits to our most loyal users.

Instant Trade Bonus

As a BEST VIP, you get rewarded with BEST every time you trade. Depending on your VIP level, you can collect up to 0.25% of your trading volume back in BEST - all credited instantly.
For an investment of €1,000 in Bitcoin, for example, you'll get €2.5 back in BEST.

BEST’s success comes with Bitpanda success

BEST has grown exponentially since first launching in August 2019. Following Bitpanda’s growth into a multi-billion-dollar company in 2021, BEST grew into a billion-dollar token in the same year, having reached a market cap of over €1 billion with over €50 million paid out in BEST Rewards.

This is just the beginning. We have much higher ambitions and innovative new ideas planned. Learn more in our BEST Vision Paper:

BEST Rewards: 
Weekly payout

By simply holding 10 BEST and making one weekly trade, you can claim 0.10% in weekly BEST Rewards. It's that easy.

In addition to the 0.10% weekly BEST Rewards, you can also claim extra bonuses:

  • Up to 0.10% weekly depending on your BEST VIP Level
  • Up to 0.075% weekly depending on your trading volume

That adds up to 0.275% in total in weekly BEST Rewards, which is more than 15% per year!

The more BEST you hold, the more rewards you get. The more you trade, the more BEST you earn by participating in our loyalty programme.

Become a BEST VIP: 
Start from only 10 BEST

Hold more BEST to become a VIP and get the most out of Bitpanda.

Category  VIP level  0 1 2 3 4 5
Requirement Minimum BEST holding >0 10 1,000 5,000 10,000 50,000
BEST rewards:
Weekly Payout
+0.10% +0.10% +0.10% +0.10% +0.10%
VIP level bonus

+0.025% +0.05% +0.075% +0.10%
Max. trading volume bonus






Instant Trade Bonus Earn up to 0.25% of your trading volume in BEST
0.05% for crypto and metals,
0.005% for Bitpanda Stocks
0.10% for crypto and metals,
0.010% for Bitpanda Stocks
0.15% for crypto and metals,
0.015% for Bitpanda Stocks
0.20% for crypto and metals,
0.020% for Bitpanda Stocks
0.25% for crypto and metals,
0.025% for Bitpanda Stocks
Staking Rewards
Increase your staking rewards by up to 12.5% more

Get 2.5% more staking rewards
Get 5% more staking rewards
Get 7.5% more staking rewards
Get 10% more staking rewards
Get 12.5% more staking rewards
Increase your Spotlight giveaway by 5x

1x giveaway
2x giveaway
3x giveaway
4x giveaway
5x giveaway
Various perks BEST partner benefits
BEST VIP asset votes

Affiliate revenue share Start with earning 10%
Start with earning 10%
Start with earning 10%
Start with earning 12%
Start with earning 14%
Start with earning 18%
Exclusive VIP support - “Bitpanda Plus”

Card benefits FX fee 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% 1.75% 1.00% 0.25%
Free ATM withdrawals

1 / month 5 / month Unlimited
BTC cashback

0.50% 1.00% 2.00%
Deposit fee discount Credit Card

20% lower fees 20% lower fees

25% lower fees 25% lower fees

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What is BEST?

BEST is Bitpanda’s ecosystem token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain

Holding BEST unlocks access to exclusive perks, benefits and rewards

Bitpanda’s burn mechanism ensures that the BEST supply becomes scarcer over time

BEST is a token designed to empower our community to get more out of Bitpanda

Upcoming perks in the pipeline

Engage with Bitpanda and earn BEST

  • No matter what you invest in, you’ll soon be able to collect BEST with every interaction in the Bitpanda ecosystem
  • Earn BEST by inviting friends to join Bitpanda, for example. Or, set up a Savings Plan and get BEST in return. It’s a world of loyalty rewards, tailor-made for your investment strategy

Exclusive new feature access

  • Be among the first to get your hands on new features related to investing, earning and spending on the Bitpanda platform

  • BEST VIPs will be first to have the unique opportunity to test and try out Bitpanda’s latest offerings

BEST for Bitpanda Technology Solutions partners

  • Third-party companies are able to leverage Bitpanda’s trading and custody platform and give their customers 24/7 access to Bitpanda Stocks, crypto and metals
  • Get the most out of Bitpanda as a business partner too, by holding BEST

Invest in Initial Token Offerings

  • The Bitpanda Spotlight is a platform that will help third-party companies to launch their own tokens
  • We provide a full service offering starting from advisory services from before the token is even issued, to post-listing trading and marketing

BEST Stimulus Programme and Burn

List icon

Bitpanda takes and burns BEST in the amount of up to 25% of collected trading premiums by BEST holders with VIP level. This burning process will be repeated monthly until a maximum of 75% of the total BEST supply (out of 1 billion BEST originally issued) has been burned.

List icon

A decrease in the supply means fewer tokens in circulation, consequently rendering those tokens left after the token burn more valuable.

Initial Mint
Total Supply
Circulating Supply

BEST Burn events

Burn Number Date BEST burned BEST price at burn
25 25.05.2023 1.313.777 €0.3741
24 27.04.2023 1.887.102 €0.3988
23 30.03.2023 2.782.172 €0.3412
22 23.02.2023 2.253.244 €0.3239
21 26.01.2023 2.143.940 €0.3125
20 29.12.2022 1.465.351 €0.330
19 24.11.2022 2.954.697 €0.330
18 27.10.2022 1.294.873 €0.351
17 29.09.2022 2.274.872 €0.3678
16 25.08.2022 1.815.351 €0.4088
15 28.07.2022 1.422.474 €0.4000
14 30.06.2022 3.602.923 €0.3404
13 26.05.2022 2.410.912 €0.5625
12 28.04.2022 1,659,122 €0.7761
11 31.03.2022 1,828,046 €0.7279
10 03.03.2022 1,767,812 €0.7350
9 27.01.2022 7,944,211 €0.7531
8 28.10.2021 17,309,742 €0.8295
7 29.07.2021 15,812,733 €0.6354
6 29.04.2021 23,162,374 €2.2268
5 28.01.2021 35,722,204 €0.3360
4 29.10.2020 28,309,516 €0.0870
3 30.07.2020 18,685,933 €0.0790
2 30.04.2020 22,793,488 €0.0903
1 30.01.2020 10,862,539 €0.0691