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Allow users to trade our 5 asset classes. More than 2500+ fractional stocks* & ETFs*, 250+ crypto assets, 4 precious metals and 30+ commodities*. All tradable 24/7 starting from €1.


Our custody solution covers all asset classes: crypto assets are kept in an institutional grade cold storage, stocks*, ETFs* and precious metals are stored by fully regulated and reputable custodians. Our battle-tested crypto custody infrastructure holds all customer funds secure offline and is regularly audited by KPMG.

Fractional investing

Bitpanda’s innovative fractionalisation feature enables users to access the market and invest in an asset starting from €1 onwards.

Savings plans

Get your customers closer to their long-term financial goals with fully modular & automated savings plans.


Enable users to directly invest into an asset by swapping from one asset to another.

Market data

We make sure you get all the market data you need: Asset prices, fundamentals, asset descriptions- all in different languages.


Allow your users to stake their crypto assets and earn yields on a regular basis while staying invested.


Make possible for your users to send and receive cryptocurrencies across the world to any exchange or external wallet, anytime and anywhere.

Modular infrastructure

Take only what you need: We provide the building blocks, you decide on your offering.

250+ Cryptocurrencies

Enable your users to access the top cryptocurrencies on the market: Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, BNB, USD Coin plus hundreds more.

2500+ Stocks* & ETFs*

Offer your users investing in fractionalised Stocks* and ETF*s such as Amazon, Tesla or Apple. Fully fractional, 24/7.

4 Precious metals

Offer gold, silver, palladium and platinum to your customers. All precious metal bars are investment grade bullion and accredited by LBMA.

30+ Commodities*

Make 30+ commodities* like oil, natural gas or aluminum available to your users from €1.

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*Bitpanda Stocks is a product on the part of Bitpanda and enables investing in partial shares/ETFs. Bitpanda Stocks are not shares, but a contract that allows you to participate in the price movements of certain shares, including any dividend payments. The financial instrument Bitpanda Stocks is neither tradable on stock exchanges nor on other trading places, but can be resold to Bitpanda at any time under the conditions stated in the GTC and the contracts.