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Dogami (DOGA) is the native utility token of the Dogami Metaverse, a play-to-earn lifestyle game built on the Tezos blockchain. DOGA tokens are used to generate energy, which is required to participate in all activities in the Dogami Metaverse, such as playing games, breeding Dogami NFTs, and purchasing items from the marketplace. DOGA tokens are also used for governance, allowing holders to vote on proposals to shape the future of the Dogami Metaverse.

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Dogami (DOGA): overview

Key facts about Dogami (DOGA):

  • Dogami is a Web 3 game that combines NFTs and crypto. Players can breed, train, and battle their own unique Dogami, and earn $DOGA tokens for their efforts.
  • Dogami is built on the Polygon blockchain. This makes it the perfect platform for a Web3 game, where players need to be able to transact quickly and easily.
  • Dogami has a strong team with experience in gaming, blockchain, and crypto. 
  • Dogami has a large and active community on social media. This is a good sign that the project is generating interest and excitement.
  • This is a key difference between Dogami and many other Web3 games, where players often have to give up some control over their assets in order to play.
  • Dogami is committed to fair play and transparency. All of the game's smart contracts are open source, so anyone can audit them and verify that they are fair and secure.
  • Dogami is a community-driven project. The team regularly consults with the community to get feedback and suggestions. This helps to ensure that the game is developed in a way that meets the needs and desires of the players.

What is DOGAMI (DOGA)?

There are very few constants in human history. Technology has changed, communication has changed, Political systems have changed. One of the things that never changed is mankind’s bond with dogs: it traces back 15000 years. At DOGAMI, we envision how to recreate this timeless bond in the digital realm.

Launched in 2021, DOGAMÍ is an entertainment company that develops web3 games centred around the Dogamí, mystical 3D dog avatars imbued with spiritual powers. DOGAMÍ users can experience different interactive experiences in an immersive universe. First, it was DOGA House, an app in which users can interact with their dogs - a Tamagotchi-esque experience. The second one is DOGAMI Academy, a hybrid management game, in which users can train the best dog, participate in mystical obstacle courses and win $DOGA during competitive PVP events. $DOGA is the primary currency of the DOGAMÍ universe, a utility token limited to 1B tokens with multiple use cases.

Since its launch in 2021, DOGAMÍ has become the biggest NFT project on the Tezos blockchain with a community of more than 200’000 users. It has announced partnerships with various household names such as The Sandbox, Nestlé Purina or GAP Inc. 

DOGAMÍ’s growth ambitions are fuelled by investments totalling $14M. Among the backers are renowned names in both the gaming and blockchain industry: Ubisoft, XAnge, Animoca Brands, Blockchain Founders Fund or Tim Drapers’ DGH fund.

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What is the purpose of the DOGA token?

The $DOGA token, together with Dogamí NFTs, is a vital element of the DOGAMÍ brand, acting as one of two key enablers. As the primary currency within the DOGAMÍ ecosystem, users can earn $DOGA by participating in PVP games in DOGAMÍ Academy. $DOGA is a scarce and useful resource and is limited to a supply of 1,000,000,000. As a utility token, it has several purposes – see below.

What are the token utilities of DOGA within the DOGAMI ecosystem?

  • Digital voucher: $DOGA is a digital voucher, usable within the DOGAMÍ digital ecosystem to purchase virtual dogs, NFT accessories, $STAR in-game currency to invest in the development of your Dogamí, and to pay breeding fees.
  • Staking features: The network aims to reward active contributors. By staking on fixed or flexible programs, Dogamers can accumulate more $DOGA. It is specified that $DOGA rewards are sourced from a pre-defined, limited reward pool. These staking rewards do not and will not represent the distribution of dividends of the DOGAMÍ Project, but are merely promotional in nature. The DOGAMÍ Project retains the right to control the distribution in accordance with user numbers, project progress, and promotional activity.
  • Merchandise drop vouchers: $DOGA can be used to purchase licence and merchandise products
  • Governance features: to promote community-oriented governance, the largest $DOGA token holders can become representatives of the DOGA Council. The $DOGA Whales make up 3 out of 22 councillors. The DOGA Council is a community body that is periodically consulted for legally non-binding recommendations related to the Product, Token Distribution, and Product Design.

What are the main features of DOGA?

Limited supply of 1B token and utility token (legal opinion to qualify as utility token available for the following jurisdictions: Switzerland, Singapore & Liechtenstein).

What makes DOGAMI different from its competitors?

  • Entertainment mobile-first: while most web3 games build their applications for Desktop devices, DOGAMÍ aspires to build captivating entertainment experiences for mobile devices. 

  • Community: The DOGAMÍ community is composed of 200’000 people who share a love for gaming and dogs. This combination is a powerful driver for community engagement & retention.

  • Brand & artwork: DOGAMÍ puts a lot of focus on the appeal & recognizability of its brand and its artwork. DOGAMÍ’s artistic director is Gregory Magadoux who has 20 years of experience and has previously worked for Ubisoft. In addition, DOGAMI works with world famous graphical artist Neville Brody. Neville’s clients include Coca Cola, Samsung or Christian Dior.

Tokenomics & vesting

1. What are the DOGAMI Tokenomics

Token Allocation


Number of Tokens

Cliff (Lock up period in months)

Unlock at TGE as % of sub-pool

Unlocks over Months


Private Sale







Strategic investors













Advisors & Partners












Play & Earn (Link to wallet address)






Ecosystem & Liquidity (exact monthly distribution discretionary)






Airdrop & Promotion Pool (exact monthly distribution discretionary)






Total token supply



Token Generation Event (TGE)


2. What is the max supply?

1B token

3. What is the current circulating supply?

362,295,461 (36.2%);

Did the project have any private investment rounds?

Yes. Animoca Brands, Ascensive Assets, Shima Capital, Metavest, DraperGorenHolm, Blockchain Founders Fund, Master Ventures, and many more

Based on what valuation?

26M$ on a fully diluted basis, so 0.026$ per token

How many tokens were allocated to these rounds?

15% for Private Sale Pool

What is the vesting period?

18 months from TGE (21.03.2022); all the tokens from the private sale have been unlocked

What is the Dogami roadmap

Q4, 2023

  • Launch of DOGAMÍ Academy for NFT holders

Q1 2024

  • Launch of leaderboard-based play & earn (PvP)
  • Release of breeding feature
  • Public release on AppStore, Google Store

Q2 2024

  • Enhancement of DOGAMÍ Academy Free 2 Play version

Q3 2024 & beyond

  • DOGAMI has exciting plans for new features

What are the Dogami partnerships? 

  • The Sandbox: DOGAMÍ to create a land on The Sandbox
  • GAP Inc.: Sale of 12K virtual accessories for our Dogamí avatars
  • Nestlé Purina: DOGAMÍ was one of the 7 winners of the Nestlé Purina Unleashed incubator

Meet the Dogami team

  • Max Stöckl (Co-Founder CEO; previously Boston Consulting Group)
  • Adrien Magdelaine (Co-Founder COO; previously Wamiz, serial entrepreneur)
  • Kristofer D. Penseyres (Chief Brand Officer; previously Sony Pictures, Branding & Partnership Expert)
  • Arthur Guerin (CTO, previously Blockchain Tech Lead at Voodoo)
  • Gregory Magadoux (Artistic Director, previously Ubisoft)

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