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Bitpanda Crypto Index

MarketVector Indexes

The world’s first real crypto index - an easy, automated way to invest in the whole crypto market.

Seven Crypto Indices to fit your needs

With a single click, watch as the Bitpanda Crypto Index auto-invests in a diverse portfolio of the top 5, top 10 or top 25 cryptocurrencies by market size and liquidity. Since the Index automatically adjusts the weighting in your portfolio over time, you’ll never miss out on “the next big thing". It's the hands-off approach to crypto investing.

Our Crypto Index is Bitpanda's first regulated product. The prospectus ensures full transparency on all relevant aspects of the product and is externally checked by an auditor. For more information about the Bitpanda Crypto Indices, including a detailed description of the product, the issuer and the risks, please download, read and analyse the prospectus, including the first supplement, which is available in German (audited version) / first supplement / second supplement / third supplement and English / first supplement / second supplement / third supplement. Make sure that you understand all the relevant aspects of the product and have read the prospectus before you invest in the Bitpanda Crypto Index. Please be aware that only the offer in Austria is governed by this prospectus.

Current composition of the indices

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*Index-Only-Coin, which is not available individually on Bitpanda

Why invest in the Bitpanda Crypto Index?

It can be difficult to keep track of the evolving crypto market. Investing in the Bitpanda Crypto Index is a zero-maintenance, long-term way to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to being super convenient, our Indices maintain your investment by auto-adjusting to changes in the market, thanks to our partner MVIS.

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Completely asset-backed

Underlying assets in our Indices are purchased from Bitpanda directly and safely kept in cold-storage to ensure extra security.

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Diversify your portfolio

Automatically invest in small slices of the entire crypto market and reduce your exposure to market volatility.

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Administered by MarketVector

We’ve partnered with MarketVector Indexes, the Index division of the leading asset manager VanEck to calculate and review our Indices to ensure a world-class service.

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Take full control

The Indices behave like any other digital asset on Bitpanda: buy, sell or swap all assets in your Crypto Index portfolio within seconds.

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Never miss out

We rebalance your Index on a monthly basis, so you never need to pick individual "winners" or worry about missing out on the next big thing.

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Combine with a savings plan

Set up a savings plan with your Index and automate regular deposits to ensure your portfolio keeps growing.

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Earn BEST Rewards

The monthly rebalancing event for each Index makes you eligible to receive BEST Rewards. Please note that you also need to hold BEST and actively claim BEST Rewards.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why not buy the assets myself and create my own index?

    There are many reasons:

    • Convenience. Since each of our Indices mirror the performance of the market and rebalance automatically, you always hold the most relevant cryptocurrencies and don't have to follow the markets closely. We do all the heavy lifting.

    • Diversification. More eggs, more baskets. Diversifying your investments means your exposure to market volatility decreases.

    • Trust. All Indices are calculated and reviewed by MVIS, a VanEck company.

    • Costs. Premiums only apply to changes in your portfolio. There are zero performance-related fees or fees for assets under management.

  • Are the Indices calculated by a third party?

    Yes. The composition of the three Bitpanda Crypto Indices are regulated by MarketVector Indexes, a subsidiary of investment management firm VanEck. MarketVector Indexes develops, monitors and markets these indices independently.

  • Which cryptocurrencies will my index invest in?

    Depending on which index you select, the Bitpanda Crypto Index invests in the top 5, top 10 or top 25 cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalisation and liquidity, as defined by MVIS, at the moment of investment. Download the prospectus for more information, or scroll up for an overview of the Indices and the currencies they currently hold.

  • Can I buy and sell individual cryptocurrencies within my Index?

    No. It is not possible to buy or sell individual cryptocurrencies within your Index. You can, however, swap or sell your Crypto Index investment completely or in portions.

  • Does Bitpanda charge trading premiums to invest in a Crypto Index?

    Bitpanda trading premiums of 1.99% apply to every buy, sell or swap transaction within your Crypto Index. When your Crypto Index rebalances every month, a trading premium of 1.99% applies to the rebalanced amount, not to your entire portfolio. There are zero maintenance or custody fees.

  • Is the Bitpanda Crypto Index an ETF?

    At first glance, the Bitpanda Crypto Index might seem similar to a traditional stock market ETF. But it is not an ETF. Unlike an ETF, you purchase the underlying assets directly when investing in a Crypto Index. Our Indices are not considered funds or separate assets (Sondervermögen), and are not traded on any exchanges.

  • What does "automatic rebalancing” mean?

    Once a month, your Crypto Index will be adjusted according to changes in the crypto market as well as data calculated and provided by MVIS, the Index division of VanEck. During this process, the weights of the various cryptocurrencies are reviewed and reshuffled. To reflect these changes in the market, we perform automatic buys and sells to optimise your portfolio and maintain your investment.

  • When will my Crypto Index rebalance?

    Generally, rebalancing will happen on the last trading day of the month.

  • Where can I find the prospectus?

    The prospectus, including further details on this product, the issuer and the relevant risks can be found here in German (audited version), with the respective first, second, and third supplement, and here in English, with the respective first, second and third supplement.. Please be aware that only the offer in Austria is governed by this prospectus.

The underlying indices (MVDA5, MVDA10, MVDA25, MVDFLE, MVIALE, MVMELE, MVSCLE) are exclusive property of MV Index Solutions GmbH and have been licensed for use by Bitpanda (“Licensee”). MVIS has contracted with CryptoCompare Data Limited to maintain and calculate the Indices irrespective of its obligations towards MV Index Solutions GmbH, CryptoCompare Data Limited has no obligation to point out errors in the above mentioned Indices to third parties. Offerings by Bitpanda (Licensee) are not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by MVIS, Van Eck Associates Corporation as its parent company or its affiliates (collectively, “VanEck”), and MVIS and VanEck make no representation regarding the advisability of investing in Bitpanda or Bitpanda’s business (Licensee and/or in Licensee’s business offerings). MVIS, VanEck AND ITS AFFILIATES MAKE NO WARRANTIES AND BEAR NO LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO Bitpanda (LICENSEE).