"Wall Street without the walls"
for 5+ million Lydia users

Instant access to digital assets, including fractional stocks*, cryptocurrencies,
and precious metals, powered by Bitpanda White Label


millions users


new users per month

1 in 3

French 18-35 years old use Lydia

€5 bn

of transactions per year
Asset class offered
Fintech Unicorn

Company description

Founded in 2013, Lydia started as a peer-to-peer payment app for students. The idea struck a chord with millennials, and since then, the company has evolved into a full banking app with lending, deposit accounts, insurance, and an entire suite of wealth management products. Today, Lydia has turned in one of the most successful French consumer fintechs after achieving well-deserved unicorn status in 2021.


Lydia is considered a “super-app”, providing users with a suite of financial services like payments, current accounts, bank account connection and more. Lydia and Bitpanda share the same user experience philosophy centered around simplicity, intuitiveness, and friendliness. The one missing piece to Lydia’s offering was to provide its users with the power to invest in digital assets in a frictionless, secure, and affordable way.

However, finding a suitable investing solution is far from simple. Bitpanda came in at the right time, offering an all-in-one solution that empowers Lydia to give its users access to investing without leaving their familiar Lydia app

 Legal & Compliance

Bitpanda's strong regulatory positioning significantly reduces the complexity around KYC & AML requirements for Lydia. Our customer onboarding process is seamless and compliant with market regulators' expectations.


Users' funds are kept safe thanks to best-in-class, battle-tested custodial infrastructure. Assets are held in cold storage, kept entirely offline, and always exceed the user funds invested.

 Trading infrastructure

Ready-to-build APIs means Lydia can securely access the full, robust Bitpanda Broker trading flow.

 Features and Assets

Our white label setup offers our portfolio of 2,000+ assets, including crypto, fractional stocks* & ETFs*, and metals, as well as current and future features. The digital asset space is very innovative and fast-paced. We strive to maintain our pioneer status and always keep up with trends, in order to ship the latest valuable features to customers.


By partnering with Bitpanda White Label, Lydia can now offer its 5+ million users access to 1,000+ digital assets, including a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, fractional stocks* and metals. The entire trading experience is seamless, fast and easy to use since users never need to exit their precious Lydia app.


Want to give your users 24/7 access to fractional stocks*, ETFs*, crypto and metals?

* Stocks and ETFs are the underlying assets of the contracts offered as Bitpanda Stocks and are brought to you by Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH. More information about the product is available at For more details, consult the prospectus available at

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