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Set up your personal savings plan for Bitcoin and more.

Now it's even easier to build your personal portfolio for digital assets. Invest automatically without the stress of timing the market - all with Bitpanda Savings.

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Conveniently buy Bitcoin and more over time

Once a savings plan has been created, it automatically buys at the set time. You don’t have to think about anymore and can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and more over a longer time period.

Benefit from the cost average effect

Constantly acquiring an asset is a good strategy to smooth out market volatility. Buying Bitcoin and other digital assets on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis makes you less dependent on short term price fluctuations.

Pay with credit card or SEPA Direct Debit

You can set up a personal savings plan using Visa, MasterCard or SEPA Direct Debit. You don’t have to think about it after your first buy, as the recurring buys will be executed automatically afterwards.

Easily set up multiple savings plans

You can set up as many savings plans as you want and for any digital asset supported on Bitpanda. You can even set up multiple savings plans for the same asset.

Maximum flexibility

We are not only giving you maximum flexibility and freedom while setting up your savings plan, but also later. You can temporarily pause and later resume your savings plans anytime you want.

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