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The most in-depth survey on European cryptocurrency holders.
Presented by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex.

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Bitpanda x Globalwebindex report

Understanding cryptocurrency holders in Europe

Bitpanda partnered with GlobalWebIndex to produce the most in-depth survey on European cryptocurrency holders. One of the key objectives of this report was to draw on a wide set of data points to paint a more holistic picture of European cryptocurrency investors and provide an insight into the attitudes and behaviours that set them apart from the average investor.

Risk takers with a strong sense of economic empowerment

They pursue novelty, are open to risk and have a strong sense of economic empowerment. We see this pattern with more affluent internet users as well, but it is particularly pronounced in the crypto community.

Interested in business and technology

European cryptocurrency holders are interested in business and technology. They have technical knowledge, higher disposable income, and they tend to lean towards risk-taking and gambling.

Highly educated, young and male

The archetypical cryptocurrency holder is a young, highly educated, high-income male working full-time or as a freelancer in a major European financial centre in IT, engineering or finance.

But this stereotype is challenged by increasing diversity among cryptocurrency holders. 1 in 5 are women, and 40% are over the age of 35. The majority (54%) don’t have university degrees, even though cryptocurrency holders are far more likely to.