Welcome to Vienna, Austria

Have you ever considered moving to Vienna? Well, if the melting pot of cultures and the historical architecture doesn’t do it for you, then the modern hotspots of Vienna certainly will!

There’s incredible food (look up “Krapfen”), niche vintage markets, world famous coffee culture and not to mention the picturesque views for mountain biking. There's a reason it’s been voted the most liveable city in the world numerous times! 

Here are the top four reasons to relocate to Vienna

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Social security and healthcare

Vienna has a very advanced social security system in place. Austria boasts benefits such as a pension, maternity leave and free access to public healthcare. Oh, and did we mention you receive five weeks of annual leave per year?

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Extra salaries

Did you know that you get not one, but two extra paycheques a year in Austria? This is counted in your yearly income and it’s called the 13th and 14th salaries. This can also be seen as guaranteed bonus payments. It’s delivered at around Christmas time and in the middle of the year. This is a greatly unique quality about living and working in Austria.

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Incredible nature

Austrians are known as outdoorsy people for a reason! With plenty of mountains, forests and hiking trails, you’ll find an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy on your days off. Ride your bike through the Prater park, have a swim in the Danube river or simply take the train 30 minutes from Vienna and take in the beautiful nature Austria is known for!

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Affordable lifestyle

Got kids? A lot of our team members do too! In Vienna, children under six years old are able to go to daycare for free! We should also mention that there is a daycare centre conveniently located directly opposite our office. Not only that, but Vienna apartments are quite cheap considering it’s a major capital city.

Vienna is such a vibrant city, but it’s not all museums and architecture (which are really great by the way). For example, Vienna has a huge music scene with bars along the Gürtel and pubs that perform live music. Explore the vineyards and try the local wines, enjoy the danube river in summer with all the water sports involved and you can look forward to the incredible Christmas markets in winter! Not to mention that Vienna is becoming a bustling European tech-hub.

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Austrian German

The national language of Austria is German, but don’t worry if you don’t know any! Vienna is an international city and almost everyone speaks English (among other languages). However, we have our own “Austrian German” slang. Here’s a few that you can practice!

PS: We provide  in-office German classes to our team members for free!

If you are thinking about relocating, we are more than happy to assist you with the visa application, helping you find the perfect apartment and any kind of support with the moving process.

We’re looking forward to giving you a warm welcome in Vienna!

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